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Tough Mudder ups the ante with bigger, badder obstacles in 2015

May 21, 2015 by , under OCR / Mud Runs.

I’ve done Spartan and Warrior Dash Races, but the latest promo video from Tough Mudder has a few of us looking in their direction. Enjoy, then get ready as we ramp things back up here at Crashfit to help you get in shape for your first (or fiftieth) obstacle course race or mud run. Stay tuned…

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One Hour Watching TV May Shorten Your Lifespan by 22 Minutes

August 17, 2011 by , under Ideas.

University of Queensland researchers in Australia studied life expectancies versus TV consumption and determined that, on average, every hour of television watched after age 25 cut about 22 minutes from the expected lifespan.

To be fair, the study only provides an observational correlation, but it tracked 11,000 participants, so it was a fairly large sample. The findings are not that the TV itself shortens your life. Rather, it’s simply that people who watched six or more hours of television per day lived, on average, 4.8 years shorter. The study noted that the increased mortality rate was comparable to that of other major┬áchronic disease risk factors such as physical inactivity and obesity.

From here, it’s up to us to make our own assumptions. Hours in front of the TV limits the amount of time we’re physically active. It likely also increases the chances we’re snacking on crappy foods. And, presumably, you’re sitting while you’re watching all that telly, which is even worse, making these exercises even more important.

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Best Fast Food Breakfast – 50g of Protein for Under $5

July 31, 2011 by , under Nutrition.

subway sunrise melt is a mostly healthy high protein packed fast food breakfast

We take a lot of family road trips. Despite an often significant amount of our minivan’s aft section being dedicated to coolers and food bins, there are times when we just need to grab a quick bite. As you can imagine, it’s a challenge finding fast food that’s nutritious and palatable.

Subway seems to be an undiscovered treasure web it comes to breakfast. There’s never a line in the morning and it’s cheap. Sure, we’re not talking about free range eggs or organic meats here, but when you’re on the road, compromises are made.

Fortunately, Subway’s Sunrise Melt breakfast sandwich isn’t much of a compromise. It’s their highest protein breakfast sandwich and it’s only $3.75*. You get your choice of bread, but the scrambled egg is shaped like a tortilla, which holds all the meat and cheese quite nicely on its own, as demonstrated above, so you can ditch the carb heavy grains. Oh, and you can load the b’fast sammies up with all their vegetables just like the regular subs.

The monstrosity you see above is a 6″ Sunrise Melt with double egg and meat (ham, turkey & bacon) and it cost $4.75. I think the kid working there may have mis-rung that one, but it’s still likely to be under six bucks. And I was full for hours. Hit “more” for it’s nutrition by the numbers…


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Get Paid to Exercise

July 6, 2011 by , under Get Strong, Ideas.

get paid to workout with office exercises like the air squat

Some of my computer work takes a while to open and save, and sometimes images I’m uploading to my other site,, take a while to transfer. During both, my computer’s preoccupied and I’m stuck waiting.

Likely, your job has similar “obstacles” to a free flowing work stream. Rather than sit idly by, then get out of your seat and do a couple exercises. You just got paid to exercise.

If the Air Squat shown above would make you look like a cubicle prairie dog gone mad, click through for a few discreet but powerfully effective exercises you can do in your cubicle in less than one minute.


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Good Nutrition is for the Birds

July 2, 2011 by , under Ideas, Nutrition.

do the birds eat better than you?

Saw this sign at RiverScape Metro park in Dayton, OH. Makes you think…if it’s not good enough for the birds, why are we eating it?

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Make Eating Healthy and Exercise into Habit with Just Two Sentences

June 15, 2011 by , under Ideas.

crashfit healthy daily reminder list to make exercise easy and good nutrition a habit without any effort

How to make healthy eating and exercise easy: Make a list of the things two main goals you want to accomplish.

Make it short, simple and clearly defined, like “No grains or sugar” or “Only eat vegetables, fruit and meat” or “Do 20 pushups every morning.”

By writing it out, you’ve made the decision to do it and put it in no uncertain terms. From there, all you have to do is follow your list. For exercise, use that smartphone and set a reminder at the time of day you want to do the exercise (first thing in the morning pretty much guarantees it won’t get pushed off the day’s plate), and if necessary, set a second reminder for the night before to lay out your workout clothes. Set the reminder to repeat every day.

This same concept is used by some very smart people to get more of the important stuff done each day, and there’s nothing more important than your health. I bet in a matter of days, you have it memorized and in just a week or two, it becomes automatic. Congratulations, you just made a major healthy lifestyle change by writing a couple of sentences.

Want to see a couple simple ways to keep your list in front of you? Click ‘more’


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Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup Battle in Court, Winner Gets to Make You Fat

June 12, 2011 by , under Nutrition.

sugar growers and high fructose corn syrup corn processors battle in court over false advertising health claims but both are metabolically similar and both will make you fat.

First, the Corn Processors fire off ads mocking the intelligence of those who slight High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Sugar Growers blast back with ads highlighting the manufactured, chemical nature of HFCS in a very unappetizing manner (Remember the school play where a kid says “I’m high fructose corn syrup and I’m chemically altered”? I couldn’t find a link).

Then, the Corn Refiners Association asked the FDA’s permission to allow HFCS to be labeled “corn sugar” and began advertising that moniker before receiving approval. Now, the sugar industry has sued to stop the commercials, claiming false advertising and damages for lost profits and corrective advertising.

Does any of it matter? No. Avoid both. The only winner in this battle is the lawyers. Why? Click ‘more’ for the bullet points…



USDA Replaces Food Pyramid with Food Plate Dietary Guidelines, We Fix It

June 3, 2011 by , under Nutrition.

USDA MyPlate dietary guidelines with Crashfit plates for better nutrition, healthy eating and fat loss

The USDA unveiled the much needed replacement for their God-Awful food pyramid, MyPlate. Conceptually, it’s a great visual representation that clearly and quickly shows what to put on your plate.

I just decided to make it healthier. Pick your plate. Government’s on the left, Crashfit’s at center and right. Hit ‘more’ for details…


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Good Foods, Bad Foods – How to Lose Weight Quickly and Easily

May 31, 2011 by , under Burn Fat, Nutrition.

crashfit diet food plan to lose weight and burn fat naturally through proper nutrition and without stimulants supplements or drugs


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Crashfit Workout – Tone & Strengthen

May 24, 2011 by , under Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Get Strong.

Crashfit’s Tone & Strengthen workout is a full body workout designed to strengthen and tone the upper body, core, legs and butt.

With just five exercises it works the entire body quickly and effectively to create functional, practical strength and power that you’ll use in everyday movements. In particular, the T&S workout is designed to:

  • Strengthen the muscles typically ignored by desk work, sitting on a couch or driving for long periods.
  • Strengthen and tone the back, leg and butt muscles that provide a strong, sexy appearance.
  • Strengthen the hip and core muscles to improve athletic performance.

Combine this workout with our Fat Burn Food Plan (coming soon) to look and feel your best. The video above shows proper form for each exercise, and photos, technique tips and more information is posted after the break…



Why I Started CrashFit – Part One

May 17, 2011 by , under Ideas.

While visiting family for Easter, my wife and mother had an interesting conversation concerning an email I sent prior to our arrival.

Addressed to the family matriarchs – my mom, grandmother, aunts, sisters-in-law and cousins – I asked that they refrain from buying bunny shaped (or any other shape) candy for our children. Apparently this caused an uproar. Separately, I emailed a list of groceries to my mom with an offer to make dinners if she would pick them up. The list, of course, included mostly organic and/or free-range meats and vegetables, which provided a bit of sticker shock for her.

The conversation, in a greatly truncated manner, went something like this: Kristi, my wife, explained that while my email was curt, our decision to eat and live the way we do has been a constant progression of small decisions made over the past 15+ years. We tend to make changes abruptly based on things we learn and try, and given our geographical distance to my family and only seeing them a few times per year, our lifestyle choices can seem overwhelming when presented bluntly and in rapid fire manner.

But, as the conversation progressed, we could hear my mom’s wheels turning. She recounted how, in her youth, all of the meat and eggs they ate came directly from the farm. Vegetables, too. There were no hormones or antibiotics and very little mass-produced meat in their diet. Whether because of budget or availability, they also ate very little snacks, cakes or other junk food. She even mentioned this to one of the other family members, which seemed to get her wheels turning a bit.

Then we started explaining why we were cutting out grains from our diet and eyes rolled, glazed or quickly averted to the TV.

Family conversations like these inspired me to start Crashfit. Here, things are broken down into simplified and clearly explained bite size nuggets. Hopefully, these smaller “conversations” get the wheels turning, for my family and yours.

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