USDA Replaces Food Pyramid with Food Plate Dietary Guidelines, We Fix It

June 3, 2011 by , under Nutrition.

USDA MyPlate dietary guidelines with Crashfit plates for better nutrition, healthy eating and fat loss

The USDA unveiled the much needed replacement for their God-Awful food pyramid, MyPlate. Conceptually, it’s a great visual representation that clearly and quickly shows what to put on your plate.

I just decided to make it healthier. Pick your plate. Government’s on the left, Crashfit’s at center and right. Hit ‘more’ for details…

FAT LOSS – Grains, Sugar and Dairy will slow down or completely sabotage any attempt to lose weight. For a bit more comprehensive list of foods to eat when you want to burn fat, check this post. Sugar and Grains will quickly convert to glucose once digested, which causes a big insulin response. This tells your body to store all of that glucose as fat. Don’t eat sugar (including, unfortunately, that found in fruit, too) and grains and skip the milk and you’ll be priming your body to burn off accumulated body fat without storing more. A little (real) cheese is fine.

DAIRY – The USDA recommends drinking skim or 1% milk, but if you’re trying to lose weight or just get some good healthy fats, you should drink 2% or Whole Milk. As a longtime Skim drinker that’s recently converted, that recommendation doesn’t come lightly (just ask Sweetie). Real cheese and Greek yogurt are good, and if you can find a non nonfat Greek yogurt, all the better.

GRAINS – Conventional Wisdom says we need all the fiber and complex carbs that grains have to offer. Problem is, they all contain proteins similar to Gluten (or gluten itself) that cause intestinal irritation, resulting in inflammation or worse. They’re also high in carbs, which are easily stored as fat.

PORTION SIZE – Other than overdoing it on fruit (because of the sugar), you really don’t need to worry about counting calories or watching portion sizes. Eat until your full, then stop.

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Comment by TejasT.

I have to say . . . I love your blog. The government spent $2 million dollars and 2 years to come up with that MyPlate thing.

While theirs is good, the way you tweaked it totally hits the mark.

Do you mind if I post that image you made on my blog, along with a link and reference back to your site?

Great stuff and I’ll definitely keep reading.

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